I მსოფლიო ომი პორტრეტებში - ისინი იყვნენ ადამიანები და არა სტატისტიკა

Astonishing medical drawings of mutilated soldiers, scenes from the Somme, and paintings that reveal the filth and gore forced into the minds of all involved ... for the first world war’s centenary, the National Portrait Gallery has put on an exhibition that truly shows the haunting horror of war.

Soldier with facial wounds by Henry Tonks, 1916-18
Self-portrait as a Soldier by Ludwig Kirchner, 1915 
The Integrity of Belgium by Walter Sickert, 1914
Self-portrait by Sir William Orpen, 1917
Edith Cavell by an unknown photographer, 1910s
Churchill by Sir William Orpen, 1916
Scene from Battle of the Somme by Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell, 1916
Self-portrait by Isaac Rosenberg, 1915
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